Charter FAQs

Why you don't want to wear high heels.
Why is food required?
Do you have safety guidelines?
Are there bathrooms aboard your yachts?
Are your yachts inspected and licensed for commercial use?
Can we bring children aboard the Free Spirit and Gypsy Spirit?
Do you recommend anything for seasickness?
How should we dress?
Are there stereo-systems on the yachts?
Do you allow smoking aboard your Free Spirit yachts?
Where are your charter yachts docked?
What happens if it rains or the weather won’t cooperate?
Do you provide beverage service or can we bring our own?
Do you provide catering, or can we bring our own food aboard the Free Spirit or Gypsy Spirit for our event?
What do we need to do to reserve our date and time?
How far in advance should we book our special event?
Where do we park? What's traffic like?

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