Free Spirit Cruise — Burnham Harbor

Where are your charter yachts docked?

Our yachts are docked at Burnham Harbor.  We’re conveniently located just southeast of Soldier Field….about a 5 minute cab ride from downtown Chicago.

Driving: Get to Lake Shore Drive, if you are coming from the south or north you will exit 18th Drive, turn east. Go straight to the end of the street and follow the curve in the street, turn right on Waldron. The south lot is on your right.

The Gypsy Spirit is located at dock J, slip 25 and the Free Spirit is at dock J, slip 24 in Burnham Harbor (Chicago).

Where do we park? What’s traffic like?

Usually you can park in the south lot of Burnham Harbor for approximately $27. You will pay the parking meter box with cash or credit card, there are no parking attendants. Call Standard Parking to verify availability and pricing for your parking needs at 312-274-2000. For more information about parking.

Free Spirit Cruises has no control over parking in Burnham Harbor.

Traffic and Parking Alert!  When there’s a lot of activity around the Museum Campus and Soldier Field, parking can be limited at Burnham Harbor. In these instances, you’ll see additional Chicago Police and harbor personnel monitoring the area and parking lot. While personnel should know to allow you access to the harbor for a charter, you may need to tell them you’re going to Slip J for a chartered Free Spirit Cruise.

Tell your taxi service to go to 599 East Waldron Drive – view location on google maps.

Free Spirit Cruise Burnham Harbor

It’s also a good idea to check out what’s going on in the area on the date of your charter at Chicago Bears Schedule and Northerly Island. Special events generally mean more traffic, and you’ll want to be prepared. You may want to rent a bus or take public transportation rather than deal with parking.